Pregnant at 20…

This, am not even sure if I should be talking about it publicly because it’s so embarrassing and all that. I even wonder how women can afford to be that happy about being pregnant coz for me it’s not working at all. Well the idea of a tiny baby is thrilling, those tiny hands, legs, […]

Is it true…?

Honestly,i seem to be in a kind of confusion here. Is it really true…. That those who’ve got dozens and dozens of friends are limited to being successful in life, that their chances of ever becoming successful in their lives is likely not more than 1%… While Those with little friends are more vulnerable to […]

My widowed mum

It has been six years down the lane,but that moment;that wound is still fresh deep within me; the picture still lingers in my mind I still remember with nostalgia that I was only fourteen years of age and in grade (class) 7 by that time when I received the unbelievable heartbreaking news that my dad […]