Pregnant at 20…

This, am not even sure if I should be talking about it publicly because it’s so embarrassing and all that.

I even wonder how women can afford to be that happy about being pregnant coz for me it’s not working at all.

Well the idea of a tiny baby is thrilling, those tiny hands, legs, cute eyes etc but being pregnant oh my God I don’t even want to imagine that long journey; nine months isn’t a joke you know and carrying one point to two point something kgs in your tummy for almost a year isn’t that easy.

Could the happiness behind women pregnancy be because with them, they get pregnant at a much older age than my own case??? But then how about the younger girls let’s say 17 or18 who gets fascinated by the idea of becoming a mum???

It’s both devastating and disappointing to get pregnant at such a “young” age. Well, 20 is not that young but considering the fact that am still under my family’s care…thats an abominable thing

This whole idea is pissing me off and I just feel like killing my self.

It’s not like I wanted to get pregnant but again I can’t say it was an accident because I wasn’t crossing the road and a sperm from nowhere hit me and pap! Am pregnant.the saddest part of it is that:

I had just started my business management course in one of the best private universities in my country and all that came to a sudden halt after the bad news.

It’s not like I can’t continue with my classes but I can’t stand that shame, I can’t imagine going to my lectures with a swollen belly when all my friends are ok

My biggest problem now is that I have no idea about motherhood so I’ll have to entirely rely on Youtubers moms to learn this things though am not that sure if I’ll get to the end of the journey alive…



2 thoughts on “Pregnant at 20…

  1. I am praying for you sister! Don’t give up! You are doing a beautiful and righteous thing by keeping your baby! I pray God’s blessings over you and your baby and your family. A child is a precious gift from God. I was there in the room for the birth of both of our children. It is amazing and wonderful to see a baby born! The moment you hold your child in your arms is a divine and beautiful moment that is a great blessing from God! I pray the Lord strengthens you and comforts your heart during your pregnancy. God is with you in this and He loves you! God bless you!

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    1. Thank you so much for such kind and encouraging words. It made me feel better and eager to hold my own child in my arms. Am going to do my best until the end of this journey
      Thanks alot and I appreciate the fact that someone is supporting me out there.
      God bless you again

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