Dear February

Hope it’s not yet too late to welcome you

January has been the toughest month as always

But I still thank God that I was able to get through it

Because lots of people that I know have perished during January

And are now lying 6 feet underground

Never to be seen again

It’s soo sad you know

The almighty has been kind enough to me to enable me see you

And I can’t ignore that

That’s why a very very grateful for this kind gesture

And even

Though a lot of people say that you are abnormal

Because they think that your incomplete

I believe that you’ve got great things instored for us

And ‘some’ even wish that whoever removed your 2 last days should also remove your 14th day

I guess it’s because they have no love in them: they don’t understand how sweet love really is

All in all am glad that you are here and am hoping that you’ve brought a lot of goodies with you

For us all

Looking forward to see what you have for me and the others

Love you

Regards : pretty Dinah


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