Is it true…?

Honestly,i seem to be in a kind of confusion here.
Is it really true….

That those who’ve got dozens and dozens of friends are limited to being successful in life, that their chances of ever becoming successful in their lives is likely not more than 1%…


Those with little friends are more vulnerable to being successful in life, that their chances of successceding in life is actually 100+%…

To me, this two seems to be contradicting each other in a way or so, because,well, we all are aware of the fact that friends play an important role in both our lives and our success. Which simply means, the more the friends,the higher the chances of success. So what now?

Lemme try weighing this two

Come to think of it🤔, nowadays human beings are very unpredictable. It’s very difficult to figure out who’s feeling what about you.

Yeah it’s true, with no doubt that friends are a big part of our being, but again, the same friends can be the real reason behind our downfall. Am absolutely sure that in that dozen of friends there is a certain percentage secretly planning your downfall in the dark while they laugh and celebrate with you in the light.That’s what is referred to as ‘wearing a sheep’s skin when inside you just a wild dog’.

Now, how on earth are you gonna find out about the dark plan on time and try to prevent it before it’s too late when all you see are friends you are grateful to have as part of your life?

You will fall

They will laugh and mock you

“we knew she won’t reach anywhere ” they will gladly say and they will leave you to suit yourself.

Again not everybody is heartless. A tiny percentage of the dozen will stand by your side inspite of everything and they’ll go an extra mile to help you stand up on your feet again. Those are called true friends and they are very hard to get nowadays. so if you happen to be lucky to have one or two or three of them you must treasure them.

So in short it’s better to have fewer friends who knows how to #keep it real

And success will automatically be guaranteed.

Or what do you think and how can one identity a true friend and a fake one???


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