Did you have to leave?

Was just living in oblivion

Darkness was my only relative

Nothing seemed of worth in this planet

And then,

From the blues you emerged

And brought light onto my life

Because before,

The two(darkness&light) had no difference to me

You made me realize that

Great thing do exist in

This world after all

You made me feel like an angel on the universe

Being around you felt like

Heaven on 🌍

And being in your arms!!!

I swear I can’t find a correct term

To describe that feeling

The feeling that always made

My heart to skip

You showed me that

True love not only exist in fiery tales

But it also exit in real life

Huh! I still laugh at how the other girls would be envious of me whenever you hold me in public

Just to show the world that am your world

And that voice!!!!

I still hear it in my ears

Reciting charming and all the romantic words I have ever heard

You see that cute face?

It’s stuck in my mind and

From the look of things it’s never going to get out of there

Waking up with you by my side was a dream come true

A second couldn’t have gone by

Without seeing you

Without hearing your voice

Without feeling your touch

Then one day I wake up

Only to find you gone


Just like that

Gone forever never to be seen again



Oblivion takes its course again

The world turns upside down

Have nothing to hold on to

Except for the memories of us

why did she have to leave?


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