Who is a friend??

A friend is someone who knows you as you,understands where you have been,accepts what you have become,and still, gently allows you to grow.


A friend is a person who sees your first tear, catches the second and turns the third into hapiness


In my own understanding, a friend is:

Someone with whom one shares a mutual relationship with. It can be someone within the family or outside the blood ties, though many at times it’s someone outside the family.

Someone who offers you a shoulder to lean on during the toughest time of your life without judging you or your actions

Someone who celebrates your achievements like as if it was him/her who has achieved

Someone who brightens your day even if there’s nothing bright about it

Someone who stands by you even when the whole world is against you.

Someone with whom you can be open with, share your honest feelings with and you sure your shit is safe with them

Someone who isn’t afraid to tell you that, “hey I don’t approve of that” or ” I think your wrong about this”

Someone who cares about your well being.

Someone who cries with you during your crying moments and laughs with you during laughter moments.

Someone who helps in your struggle towards achieving your goals; they lift you up when you fall and give you reasons to keep on fighting whenever you fail and start thinking about giving up.

Someone who calls just to say “wanted to know how you doing”

Someone who feels your pain and sorrows

Someone who….

She goes by the name tracy.

Though we became friends a little bit late we good.

We barely see each other because we live miles away from each other but atleast we don’t need to see or talk on a daily basis for us to remain friends.

She’s celestine;the only daughter of her mum. We’ve been friends for sometime now and we are now more than friends. Am her big sister

I love this babes so much and I’ll never stop thanking God for them.

Am glad that they came into my life.

They once got in trouble for being friends with me but still they chose to stand by me during the toughest moments of my life.

They were my classmates in high school and I remember that I had just been suspended from school and everybody was like talking shit to the extent of saying how I was a member of freemason😭😭😭😭

It still hurts up-to-date and I swore never to forgive the source and cause of that statement and my being suspended too: I’ll just laugh with her but…

I knew that when I retrive to school no one was going to associate with me but they never left my side and I love them so much because they made me understand the true meaning of friendship.

Had another friend best and though we are no longer friends, I still appreciate the role she played in my life. She was the only person I knew on our addmission day to a bording school,and that’s because we started being friends in primary school and ended up being addmitted in the same high school. Too bad we had a misunderstanding and our friendship was trashed, the trust was lost and that’s it.

You have friends too??

How do you understand the term “friend”


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