I viIvidly still recall those unforgettable moments that we shared.

When your kissable lips would Hoover all over my face to finally find my mouth,and we would kiss like we have no other bussiness.

When we would sleep all nights entangled in each others arms;wishing for the night not to end.

When your soft fingers would move along my back,your hands moving across my skin,igniting some sort of strange fire within me.

When you could hug me tight and gently press me against your chest, then whisper into my ear”dont worry everything’ll be ok”, then I’ll all over sudden feel relaxed.

When an unknown cold would penetrate through my skin deep into my nerves then to every flesh of me,whenever you came close to me;leaving me breathless,dumbfounded.

When we walked down the streets holding hands like small kids, draining everyone’s attension.

When we would go jogging, then shopping and to movies thereafter.

When I would see myself in your future as your baby mama;

and you would reassure me that there’s absolutely no doubt about that;then i would brag everywhere with your surname.

When we would overcome every flaw that crossed our way.

You were my twin,my other half.

Life without seemed to have no meaning.

Wonder what went wrong,where but I trully miss you and I’ll forever cherish the romantic moments that we had.

I miss those moments.




It’s probably been,approximately, three weeks since I made up my mind to join the blogging community; for interaction purposes, inspirational gains,impaction and so many other reasons.

At first I was some sort of reluctant with the idea, but I again gave my mind another chance to thoroughly think about it, and here I am, no regrets.

The kind of inspiration I have gained,the great new things I have learnt and the life experiences of other folks(which I can relate a number of them to my own). It will be stupid of me to say that I regret giving the joining idea a second thought.

Yes I have been insipired and all the insipirations has great positive impact on my current me. And yes I now know that there is someone out there who’s situation is more of the same as mine;even worse. That “someone’s”spirit of not giving up on their dreams dispite the circumstances, until they succeed is what motivates me and keep high my fighting and struggling spirits.

People’s testimonies have now become my driving force. I get convinced,that one day I’ll reach “there”,where every individual dream of reaching. It relieves me of the heaviest load of pessimism off my back.

Perfectionism isn’t my thing as per now but am working towards it. I may not be perfect in my writeups now but in coming months or years or so am sure I won’t be where am right now.

Everybodys writting here is more than perfect. It reaches a point where am even scared to post anything. The silent voice in me keep on saying to me”your just an African,and Africans are widely known for not being that perfect and sharp”

Well, being in a white dominated environment isn’t that easy,though but the thirst of being successful some day keep on pushing me- telling me that at this point there is no turning back. That persistence has culminated in me realizing that doing great and becoming great doesn’t require africanism or whitesim. Infact one thing is for sure, that it’s very hard for an African to support and appreciate a fellow African. Of course there are a pinch who can actually be appreciative.That’s why am not only glad but also lucky to have people here who believe in me.

Am grateful and pass my sincere gratitude to the owners of the blogs whose links I have shared below for they have believed in me and given me a good enough reason to hold on.

They are both great writers and I look upto them.

Visit their site and see what you’ve been looking for all this while.

They are God given gifts to me and I’ll forever remain indebted to them.

Love you’ll.

Stay happy.

Blessed day and week ahead.


Who is a friend??

A friend is someone who knows you as you,understands where you have been,accepts what you have become,and still, gently allows you to grow.


A friend is a person who sees your first tear, catches the second and turns the third into hapiness


In my own understanding, a friend is:

Someone with whom one shares a mutual relationship with. It can be someone within the family or outside the blood ties, though many at times it’s someone outside the family.

Someone who offers you a shoulder to lean on during the toughest time of your life without judging you or your actions

Someone who celebrates your achievements like as if it was him/her who has achieved

Someone who brightens your day even if there’s nothing bright about it

Someone who stands by you even when the whole world is against you.

Someone with whom you can be open with, share your honest feelings with and you sure your shit is safe with them

Someone who isn’t afraid to tell you that, “hey I don’t approve of that” or ” I think your wrong about this”

Someone who cares about your well being.

Someone who cries with you during your crying moments and laughs with you during laughter moments.

Someone who helps in your struggle towards achieving your goals; they lift you up when you fall and give you reasons to keep on fighting whenever you fail and start thinking about giving up.

Someone who calls just to say “wanted to know how you doing”

Someone who feels your pain and sorrows

Someone who….

She goes by the name tracy.

Though we became friends a little bit late we good.

We barely see each other because we live miles away from each other but atleast we don’t need to see or talk on a daily basis for us to remain friends.

She’s celestine;the only daughter of her mum. We’ve been friends for sometime now and we are now more than friends. Am her big sister

I love this babes so much and I’ll never stop thanking God for them.

Am glad that they came into my life.

They once got in trouble for being friends with me but still they chose to stand by me during the toughest moments of my life.

They were my classmates in high school and I remember that I had just been suspended from school and everybody was like talking shit to the extent of saying how I was a member of freemason😭😭😭😭

It still hurts up-to-date and I swore never to forgive the source and cause of that statement and my being suspended too: I’ll just laugh with her but…

I knew that when I retrive to school no one was going to associate with me but they never left my side and I love them so much because they made me understand the true meaning of friendship.

Had another friend best and though we are no longer friends, I still appreciate the role she played in my life. She was the only person I knew on our addmission day to a bording school,and that’s because we started being friends in primary school and ended up being addmitted in the same high school. Too bad we had a misunderstanding and our friendship was trashed, the trust was lost and that’s it.

You have friends too??

How do you understand the term “friend”

The turn around of tables

Just started my DBM units.

Ain’t hilarious about this,to be honest.

Actually nothing concerning bussiness thrills me. But do I have a choice?

Of course I have no choice considering the fact that I wasn’t able to do well in my secondary final exam inorder to match the requirements for my dream course; something I was passionate about.

Thankfully the ministry of education was kind enough to give every candidate atleast a chance to join either a university,collage and vocational training centers irrespective of the grade.

I personally wanted to study law; of course not since I was young but since I was grown enough to witness all the ongoing corruption and injustices in my country hoping that I’ll in someway be able not to completely change everything but to atleast correct a fraction of it.

LIke not more than five days ago,a governor got a university female student killed after learning that the girl was expecting his child (he was probably having an affair with her) and the girl wasn’t ready to terminate the pregnancy as the governor had advised.

Afraid of the scandal and the wife getting to know about his extra marital affairs; the governor sent some gangsters to go get rid of the girl.

That’s sad isn’t it??

This is among some of the reasons behind me wanting to take a law course.

Too bad for me. I just lazed around in high school and wasn’t able to qualify. (Actually law and medicine are gigantic courses with the highest or most requirements ever)

Now am forced to study something that never crossed my mind,I never even dreamt about it.

Yes I have decided to take a business course though standing for the voiceless and fighting against injustices still flow deep within my veins.

Nevertheless,am going to give my best shot in DBM.

As much as I know my weakness in school things have been able to convince myself that there is no harm in trying as much as possible. So I guess am gonna do my best to make my gurdian proud. Am positive despite the spirit of “I care less” being beyond my control.

Just hope to victoriously get through this.

Yes won’t be able to study law but when I get a kid of my own, I’ll encourage him/her to consider studying law. Won’t force him/her but instead I’ll try explaining things from a broader perspective for she or he to see some sense.

Good luck to me.

My widowed mum

It has been six years down the lane,but that moment;that wound is still fresh deep within me; the picture still lingers in my mind

I still remember with nostalgia that I was only fourteen years of age and in grade (class) 7 by that time when I received the unbelievable heartbreaking news that my dad is no more.

Honestly, up-to-date, I still haven’t been able to accept the bitter truth that my beloved dad is no longer with us.

I normally see it as a nightmare and have always believed that one day I’ll wake up and I’ll be like thank God it was just but a dream

The saddest part of it is when reality strikes me on the sight of my dad’s grave laying outside our house whenever I visit my widowed mum at our rural home.

It pains me a lot whenever I start imagining how my mum has been able and is still able to cope up with that loneliness: yes she has my stubborn nephew’s company but that isn’t my point here.

Huh the little brats,instead of helping out they just add more trouble.

Mmh if you understand the nature of an African child then I have no doubt you feeling me

The only good thing about my mama is that she is a strong woman and she knows how to face all the challenges that life brings about though she kind of superstitious,well am not an exemption either.

I love her attitude and actually she’s the driving force behind whatever I do. Looking at her perspective towards life motivates me and give me the strength to move on with my staffs though as much as I love her attitude; it doesn’t fascinate me being around her owing to the fact that I can’t bear seeing all the hell struggle she undergoes to ensure a better life for us.

My biggest dream is to make it and be successful in life so I can do everything for her.

She’s now in her early 60’s and even though am not a devoted Christian ,I always pray that she live long to see me achieve all my dreams one by one

I believe one day I’ll be a champ


i may not be that perfect daughter that you always want me to be but Mark you,one day you’ll be proud of me and won’t be hesistant to publicly say, “that’s my daughter”


anyone who has the same dream for her mum just like me can share


Achieving our goals: the beauty of having an ambitious attitude

What’s the big deal in someone not recognizing your efforts to make the world a better place?

That shouldn’t be an obstacles because you love what you love doing the most

I myself an writting this but am 100% sure it won’t be noticed;not that am trying to be kind of pessimistic But sometimes we have to think otherwise inoder to clearly bring out our exact massage

This isn’t going to be noticed but I still choose to continue and I’ll continue no matter what

One fact I learnt in life from all the successful individuals out there is that success doent come on a silver platter,well not unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth

There are lots of ups and downs but that shouldn’t be a barrier in climbing up to the top

We can’t always get what we expect because sometimes we get the opposite of what we had expected But never should one give up especially if it’s something you passionate about

Believe me Gods time is always the best. One should be patient for as today is not tomorrow…

Life is a cirle of events; today differs from tommorow. But nowadays one common mistakes committed by humans is forgeting yesterday when you were fervently praying for whatever you have today.well that should not be the case again because no one knows what tomorrow holds

A’ll of us have ambitions don’t we?

Some are already living their ambitious life while me and others like me are still working towards our dreams and we still gat a long way to go and the journey isn’t going to be any easy;no shortcuts.the only way to reach our destination is by first taking a step;after all they say a journey of athousand miles starts with one step and I have done you a big favor by letting you know that you just take a step now.

I personally am possessed with a negative spirit of giving up whenever I fail something for the first time but thanks to someone I learnt that FAIL stands for





So failing for the first time is not the end of the world because END itself stands for




and sometimes you may approach someone for help and they tell you No

Mhm don’t feel bad because NO simply means



and a better opportunity for that matter

So that’s it. Be consistent with what you do and I guarantee you that you’ll regret less and move forward with a greater ease

Am obsessed with literature

I have written few movie scripts but have produced none because have no money but I won’t stop sure my time will reach and everything will be as am wishing right now

Peoples opinions won’t drag me backwards

I believe in me and I much aware that it’s never too late to become what you’ve always wanted

Gaining momentum and keeping the fire burning is the way forward

if you agree with me let me know by just adding a comment

Thanks all

The initial step:


What’s up big mind

Guess what….um! I still can’t believe that I have been able to join the world of great minds: actually this is my first blog and sincerely speaking I can’t say that am thrilled; we’ll what I actually mean is that yes am happy but am also nervous at the same time

am happy because finally I have been able to create my own site after the hell struggle I encountered on my way here

But why am I nervous? ???

I guess maybe it’s because am thinking that am in a wrong place; that I won’t be able to perfectly fit in this world of blogging and I’ll end up being useless as always

My name is Dinah ongoche; etole is my surname and am a Kenyan by birth; a luhya for that matter

Am 20 years of age and trust me being 20 I have already experienced all sorts of things some being positive, others are heartbreaking and others are even abominable to mention in public

That’s why I came up with the idea of creating a blog to share my story and experiences in life so that in one way or another someone out there may benefit and change his/her perspective towards life

This is a personal site but I’ll be sharing anything shareable

Doing something for the first time obviously comes with expectations but as for me am more than sure that my first post won’t culminate in what am expecting right now as am typing but won’t allow that to be an obstacle

One thing is for sure. Am gonna give myself time since today isn’t tomorrow. I’ll keep up doing my best to bring a positive impact to me and to others like me and with no doubt in coming years I’ll be among the most recognized bloggers in the world

This is the initial step I have taken and it’s just the beginning of great things to come so all you have to do is to stay in touch and SUPPORT me in anyway

Am not perfect and won’t be either because am a humanbeing and humans do make mistakes. Am not an exception That’s why I wholeheartedly accept any kind of correction from anybody therefore anybody is free to correct me

Incase of enquiry you can email me at and I’ll email back

My watsup no:0721149476

Hope to receive any welcome